Bye Bye Twitter

I think it’s time for me to move away from Twitter for now. Twitter has always been one of my favorite social networks, but it has become kind of a shit show for the last couple of years.

I’m tired of all the hate, stupidity, childish presidents and politicians. I will miss some accounts and some voices, I would never have heard before, but this company has to figure out on which side of history they want to be. Twitter should be a place where everybody is welcome and hate isn’t tolerated - this isn’t the case today.

That’s one reason why I’ve removed Tweetbot from all my devices and handed over my account credentials to a close friend of mine, so I don’t have access to my account anymore. I will stay away from Twitter for this month and will revisit my decision in February.

Disclaimer: From this point forward I’m committed to as my primary way of writing short-form posts. Nevertheless, I’m still cross-posting all this content automatically for now.

Jan Früchtl @coolcut